Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-12 10:00 PM
    All EB2's will becomes current before your turn (with horizontal spillover in works now)
    does anyone havea any idea about the EB3 status for the rest of the world? please experts give us some PD is May 2006. Any hope soon????

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  • chanduv23
    09-28 04:33 PM

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  • santhosh2k5
    09-28 03:17 PM
    Thanks Milind for quicker response. Can you provide me a link to such a post so that i can get in touch with them to ask what happened to their cases?

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  • shekhar10c
    06-13 06:46 PM
    He is probably stucked in name check. If that clears he will get the visa.

    Hey people , i need help. as EB-3 is current , my spouse who is on H4 ,applied for change of status(H-4 to F-1) ,so can i file her papers along wth mine in I-485 or not? change of status is in process.
    Reply soon!!!!!!


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  • hybrid101
    11-24 08:01 AM
    that's so cute!!!

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 03:40 PM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    In an interview on David Letterman (, actor Robert Downey, Jr., talked about a problem he had last year in Japan, when upon entering he was detained and questioned about his past criminal record. Downey said: I probably should have seen there was a sign that said 'No Felons Allowed' in English and Japanese and I haven't had that expunged yet," he said. "You can actually get things expunged but I've been pretty busy. So I was detained, I was interrogated. It was a blast.

    Haven't you settled up? Haven't you paid your debts? Letterman asked.

    Clearly I haven't paid my debts to Japan, said Downey.

    While I certainly feel somewhat bad for Mr. Downey, this short exchange gave the impression that nothing similar would ever happen in America! Hah!

    U.S. Immigration Law contains restrictions that bar entry to people forever, for virtually any youthful indiscretion they have ever had, e.g. simple possession of a marijuana 20 years ago, without regard to whether or not you were actually convicted of the crime! You do not even need to have been convicted; the fact that you admit you did it will also get you barred from entry. Heck you will even be bounced ( from the United States after overstaying your visa for one day, leaving one day late, and then trying to come back in on that visa. Or, you will be detained and returned because the officer thinks you MIGHT be working (

    So, if you were watching David Letterman and thanking your lucky stars that America is far nicer to arriving tourists than Japan--think again!

    More... (


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  • Rb_newsletter
    10-05 09:35 PM
    I saw in one of the thread one attorney said this kind of RFEs are not problem. I will post the link if I find that thread.

    See if you can get a copy of the original birth certificate from the school. if you can get it, just notarize it and submit the notarized copy.

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  • mdcowboy
    12-31 04:31 PM
    I have realised that all Legal Immigration hopes ,in this country of dreams, are futile and there are better things in life than just to wait / hope for a change.
    I am making a resolution , not to worry for Green card and priority data in the coming year :).

    I am in the same boat with you. :o :rolleyes:


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  • GC_ki_daud
    07-11 04:05 PM
    Please Gurus Help here :confused:

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  • rajeev_74
    04-21 04:02 PM
    I think approved I-140 is the right stage. Why do we have to live in uncertainty after an application for immigration has been approved. It also makes sense to request AOS for 5+ years of H1 as well.


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  • chintu123
    12-21 02:04 PM
    Hi ,

    Here is my scenario

    H4 visa----oct-2007 to sept-2010
    Entered US---oct--2008 on h4
    Filed for h1---april 2009
    H1 approved---aug 2009

    Actually i had to start a project dated 12-oct'09 but unfortunately the project got cancelled.From then i have been looking for project but no luck.Currently i am in a dilemma regarding my status and course of action.I am thinking to change my status to H4 again by filing i-539.

    The main problem is my employer did not run any payroll for me since oct-st(official kick off date afetr h1 COS approval) i did not have any project and when i ask him about that he says he can state that i will officially join the company in Jan 2010 and he will start running the payroll from jan 2010(irrespective of me getting a project and he says i have to pay half of my taxes from my pocket that the employer would be entitled to pay and he will pay the rest and cut it from my payroll once i get a project).I am totally in a state of confusion and do not want to take any risk anymore regarding my status and from the employer(he is taking advantage of my situation).

    My questions are

    1. How safe is it to apply COS at this point
    2. If in case he starts running my payroll from Jan and still i dont land in a project even after couple of months can i go head and change my status to h4 in march with the 2 paystubs (jan and feb which he is promising to run) worst case if the payroll is not run by him what would be the best course of action

    I would appreciate your response


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  • Mahatma
    06-19 02:20 PM
    Dear IVians,

    Thanks for your response!

    Information referred to was very neat. Pretty much I have decided to not send original passports BUT instead notarized copies.

    It was a good call indeed!

    It is ironic that our embassy/consulate is not quite upto our expectations.

    Things don't change as quickly.

    This info. was very crucial. Thanks again.


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  • marco
    08-20 08:25 PM
    Do you have seperate last names?

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  • srilakshmij
    02-11 01:06 PM
    Thanks. But then, how can he apply for extension of his H1 B? Can he do it staying in India?


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  • jewelhaque
    10-26 07:48 AM
    She could join from the day when the papers for transfer was mailed, this is as per AC21 law. She does not need to wait to receive the receipt from USCIS.

    my wife is moving to another employer. they filed her h1b transfer 2 weeks back. does anyone have an estimate on when she should get here receipt???

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-18 01:00 PM
    Looks like I am the only one in this situation... rough!

    No my friend , you are not alone here.

    My employer did not allow us to file EAD and AP for employees. Only for spouse) and I was wondering if I can file myself. But I don't think we can do it without a receipt notice.

    As far as new fee structure is concerned, we'll be better off paying the new fee compared to the old fee and attorney fee combined.


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  • gsudhesh
    02-25 10:34 PM
    Hello - I found this article ( helpful, but am having problems when I publish it on the web server (Windows 2003 IIS) - I get the same message - i.e. The type or namespace name 'SpeechSynthesizer' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) on the server in the Event Viewer. Is there special configuration or files required on the server before you can publish the speech to text files? Any help would be appreciated.

    u need to install microsft speech sdk ...........

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  • tammman
    12-11 06:05 PM
    Anyone ???????

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  • vivache
    07-15 01:53 PM
    1. Have a route map .. so people know clearly where they need to go .. which direction .. and pause for how long.
    2. The event needs to start on time .. 5-10 mins here and there is fine .. but we need to start on time.
    3. Send all IV members in that area .. email templates about the rally that they need to forward all folks they know. If everyone gets 2 friends .. and those 2 get 2 more .. we have a large number.

    Get folks from other immigration forums as well. We had chinese folks with us .. and I think they were from some other forum/group.
    check will all local groups so that there can be a show of strength !!

    Munna Bhai
    11-01 08:27 AM
    Thanks for the information.

    08-14 12:12 AM
    I got my EB3 I-140 approval after I applied my I-485 with later PD EB2. Our lawyer sent a letter to USCIS, but there is no confirmation from USCIS. Please let me know, if there is any way to check the PD.


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