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  • optimystic
    10-19 10:20 PM

    And its official now.. USCIS have consolidated on one more conniving trend to continue to keep us in the dark :mad:

    The dates are claimed to be "as of " Aug 31st.

    When they did this in the last update and said the dates were "as of " July 31 2008, I thought it was going to be a one time thing and in the next update they will give us up to the date info. But hell NO!!

    If they only disclose info as of some date in the past, how the hell are we supposed to know whether our case is currently "beyond" normal processing times !!! And how the heck can we file a service request !

    They just want us off their back altogether and go at their own pace.

    With this staggered (Processing dates and PD) approach, they can manipulate one thing or the other (Spike the PD and retrogress the Proc Date OR vice Versa) and forever juggle and skirt around accountability altogether and don't have to answer or take any status queries at all ! Why don't they use the same intelligence to try to improve their processes and improve their productivity !

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  • gcformeornot
    02-09 04:09 PM
    I am on l2 since my husband is on L1. I work full time for a US employer with an EAD. Now, what would happen to my status if my husband quits his job? you have EAD, that EAD was entirely based on your L2 status. If L2 status is gone so EAD is invalid too....

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  • waitin_toolong
    09-17 12:39 AM
    Best to do infopass and clarify

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  • Karen
    November 13th, 2006, 10:21 AM
    Can someone tell me how to get to the button battery that runs the date/clock on a D70? I've had three cameras with the problem of having to reset the date because the clock battery was low and the screen flashes 0 on the frame counter, the camera is virtually disabled. We have had these cameras since the fall of 2004 and they all crashed within a week of each other. I read in the book that the clock battery feeds off of the battery pack, or can be charged up (three days) with the optional ac adapter.

    Also we had a problem with dust on the circuitry, dark spots showing up on images, and I had to send it to Nikon. If I need to clean that again in the future, I don't want to fry the circuitry, so any advice about that is greatly welcomed. Thank you


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  • hebron
    09-29 07:51 AM
    No point in dreaming about getting any support from dems, they will bring up DREAM act for illegals and will hold legals hostage until CIR.

    Our best chance is to get support from the republican pro-legal immigration senators like - Cornyn, Kyl, Judd Greg etc..

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  • rajeevepatric
    03-13 02:04 AM
    Thank you. the information was helpful


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  • sw33t
    08-22 12:04 AM
    Please join the Texas IV group for more information.

    Thank you

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  • parablergh
    08-31 07:58 PM
    I'm not an attorney, but an immigration paralegal. You can apply for the extension within six months of expiry. As long as your passport is valid at the time of filing you should be fine.


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  • kunjirs
    03-03 03:35 PM
    Same as EAD card :-)

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  • p_kumar
    10-24 02:15 PM
    can u share pl.


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  • dealsnet
    01-05 01:30 PM
    How your husband file H1B for you ?
    Did he own a company ?.
    Did he file your H1B using desi body shops? without interview or knowing you ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you start working for the company?
    Your H1B start date is October 1, 2009.
    Your H1B approval notice does not have I-94 attached, because you are not applied H1B while in USA. So you need to go back to home country to get visa stamped and start working in H1B ASAP.

    Am currently on husband filed new h1b for me in april 2009 and it got approved in August 2009.

    But when he filed my h1b i was in india.
    i came to us on June 2009 on H4 visa.

    can i go ahead and apply for change of status from h4 to h1b and start working.or else should i have to get my h1b stamped before i start my work.please advice.


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  • gk_2000
    11-05 05:07 PM
    It leaves out per-country limits for EB


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  • goosetavo
    01-11 01:03 AM
    There are organizations there that support all immigrants, and CIR is not just about undocumented workers, it will benefit us as well. IV should sign-up and join the tide.

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  • starving_dog
    08-30 11:54 AM
    Yer gonna' need gooder English skills to make it in the USA my friend.


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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    12-11 01:56 PM
    I had a RFE against my I-485 in last week of Nov 07. It was for medical exam, doc forgot to check one box :(

    Now the RFE has been replied to and USCIS should hopefully have no further questions on my application. But now the issue is retrogression of EB2 India back to Jan 02 (while I am Jun 03). So does that mean though my application could be cleared by the immigration officer, it will still be put back on shelf because of the retrogression in Dec 07 ?

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  • liorsal
    01-03 12:09 PM
    does anyone know if IV core will push to get the 485 relief (ability to file without visa number availeble) and what is the chance to get it befor of until the 15/february?.


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  • maheshf
    10-05 10:02 PM
    I just wanted to post my recent AP experience through Chicago Airport. I travelled with my wife to France and used AP to reenter. Overall process was smooth. At the counter officer asked for all 3 AP documents, but I was carrying only two with me. Officer said I need to carry all three . Then they asked me to go to different office. They took out AP ( 2 originals) , 485 notice and Passport. That�s all. It took 15 minutes. They kept one original AP and gave second AP document with stamp. I asked what if I need to travel again..i have just one more extra AP document left? They suggested that I request more documents because they need at least two originals for each entry.

    Did any one have same experience? How many documents they really need ? Has anyone asked USCIS for extra copies? How much does that cost ?

    I may have to travel couple of time for business.

    Please recommend


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  • jonty_11
    08-07 04:57 PM
    USCIS issues receipt numbers after the Armageddon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sircaustic
    10-18 10:43 PM
    I applied on 7/26 for seventh year H1-B renewal and extension of stay. I concurrently filed I-539 for Extension of Stay for family. Six years of H-1 and related I-94 expired on 10/8 and since then I have been working under the 240 day grace period rule.

    Here are some other facts:
    - I have an approved I-140 filed and approved back in 2007

    -I-485 was filed during the 2007 July-August wave

    -I do have an EAD valid until November 2011 but I have never used it. I have always maintained my H-1 status.

    -My wife also has an EAD that expires end of this week. I-765 Application to renew her EAD was filed more than 75 days ago for which we requested an expedite request. She has never worked before although her first EAD was approved three years ago.

    My questions:

    1. What happens if USCIS denies my employer's petition for H-1b extension? Will I be out of status immediately after? Does having an EAD provide me any insulation?
    2. What about other people here those who are working on EAD? How are they maintaining their status? Are they required to file extension of stay application?
    3. Do you think approval of my wife's EAD renewal is tied to the pending I-539?
    4. What about my children? In the event my application for H-1 renewal is denied, will they be out of status immediately after? Are there any steps I can take to ensure this does not happen

    Sorry for too many questions and thank you in advance to those who will respond.

    05-01 06:34 PM
    It was hacked earlier. Looks like it is fixed now.

    seems to work just fine for me ??

    09-09 06:49 AM
    My friend do not dream for EB3 approval until EB-2 get current. I lost my hope for GC just use EAD.

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