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dbms architecture diagram

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  • snathan
    05-07 12:12 AM
    Hello all:

    Applied for 140 transfer TSC June 2007. Have not heard anything since, I mean absolutely nothing. Is this due to the backlog?? I am starting to get worried as I checked my status and all it says is, the received date and that when there is update they will let us know.

    Did any of you apply 140 transfer in TSC around that time? Any news on those? Any case that it could've been lost?

    Big question to the experts is, what do I do to make sure they are working on it and my application is in queue.


    What do you mean by transfer. You can not transfer I140, you can only port the PD.

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  • geesee
    07-14 10:54 PM
    Guys who are from NJ/NY tristate area, might know abt Mamta Narula who hosts a show called "Mamta jisko kuch nahi jamta" (Mamta, the one, who cant get any work done!)

    I sent an email to Mamta and she has promised to cover I-485 July flipflop in one of her coming shows....

    I feel glad to do "something" to spread the news around... :cool:



    I will definetely cover this story in one of my coming up shows. Keep listening to me on 1170AM AM.


    Mamta Narula
    TV/Radio/Stage Host
    "Music Cheers me Up!!"

    ---------- Original Message ----------------------------------

    Delails of Comments

    Hello Mamta,
    I'm a regular listener of your show and must say you do a great job!!

    Well, I would like to request if you could cover below (sad) story of
    legal immigrants in one of your upcoming shows

    I, myself, is on H1B visa and was a victim of the flipflops that USCIS
    did on 2nd July, 2007.

    If you would like to get more information on this, please send me an
    email and I'll surely provide it to you.

    You can find detailed information about this story at -

    Thanks & Regards

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  • rb_248
    02-14 07:47 AM
    VISA BULLETIN FOR MARCH 2007 is out No change in EB2.

    OMG really.....thats awesome.

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  • sts_seeker
    09-19 09:48 PM
    I got finally got my GC, thanks a lot for IV and its members for all your help and wish you all the best for your GC endeavor.
    PD-Apr 2004
    Eb-3 ROW
    I 485 --Applied in July 2007
    EAD renewed 3 times.
    Approved __sept 2010



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  • snathan
    02-09 02:48 PM
    well if there's a way for you to get your approved labor certification doc, or even the copy of the filed labor application; then definitely get it.

    The labor app has the exact job description too. So if you do use portability (ac-21) it'll help to match it with the job specs of the new position.

    good luck.

    Read it properly before you jump. When there is no I-485 filed, where is the AC21 coming into the picture.

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  • pmb76
    08-14 05:30 PM
    Folks please advise on using POJ method. I tried calling using the instructions below however I always get to customer service instead of NSC where I intend to connect. Am I missing something here ?

    Call 1-800-375-5283
    Press 1 to select English
    Press 2 to skip introduction
    Press 2
    Press 6 to find case status information
    Press 1
    Now enter your receipt number SRCxxxxxxxxxx
    Voice asks if SRC press 1
    Then reads out application number, if correct, press 1 (now listen to the case update info..blah blah)
    Part way through the blah blah press 3
    Wait a moment and press 4

    I am July 2 filer with Nov 2005 PD EB2-I. Even though I'm happy for others It is indeed frustrating to see my case languish like this. No updates at all. CSR just tells me to wait and wait forever. Opened an SR but nothing happened yet. Very very demoralizing....


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  • jliechty
    February 5th, 2004, 09:01 PM
    I think one always has to take PR claims with a few grains of salt (yes, including Canon's). As always, I'll wait for the reviews to come out before making any judgements, but I'm afraid unless Nikon does something about their lack of ultra-long primes with VR and their lack of any usable PC lenses, I'm going to be a Canon convert (if / when I go DSLR).

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  • villamonte6100
    08-20 10:01 AM
    Any one??

    Whats next??

    GC Interview:
    How's (or what's in) the process?
    What questions do they ask?


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  • logiclife
    07-06 04:49 PM
    There is a policy for accepting asylees from Cuba and allowing them to seek permenant residency.

    Its called the wet feet/dry feet policy. See Here on wikipedia (

    The wet feet, dry feet policy (sometimes called the wet-foot, dry-foot Policy) is the name given to a consequence of the 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that says, essentially, that anyone who fled Cuba and got into the United States would be allowed to pursue residency a year later. After talks with the Cuban government, the Clinton administration came to an agreement with Cuba that it would stop admitting people found at sea. Since then, in what has become known as the "wet feet, dry feet" policy, a Cuban caught on the waters between the two nations, "wet feet", would summarily be sent home or to a third country. One who makes it to shore, "dry feet", gets a chance to remain in the United States, and later would qualify for U.S. citizenship.

    You better carry a nice towel with you when you come back from Cuba and make sure your feet are dry when apprehended by coast guard. And make sure you dont end up getting kidnapped and killed in Cuba, coz they really dont have very nice law enforcement.

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  • needGCcool
    09-26 07:13 PM
    I am in the same situation.........


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  • dassumi
    12-22 02:27 PM
    What does this mean in terms of advancement of dates for EB3I in the Feb Bull.

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  • sayonara
    08-23 11:12 AM
    I am dependent on our GC application. We had provided initial Finger prints in July 2007. I got an FP notice in 2009 and have just received another FP notice for next week. Meanwhile, the primary applicant on our application has not recd any biometrics appt since the 07 initial set.
    Is there anything to be concerned about?


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  • rameshk75
    02-28 02:29 PM
    Any suggestions??

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  • waitingnwaiting
    12-23 01:18 PM
    Why so quiet today?

    Where is the holiday spirit?

    Not even any joke?


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  • mandyharper
    January 30th, 2005, 03:00 PM
    Check out these sites for information

    I got one of Christmas and I am very pleased with it.

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  • jersey_folk
    10-01 10:37 AM
    I am on a L1 visa which has expired April 2006. I have got my petition extended till 2008. Can I transfer my L1 from Employer A to another Employer B. Can employer B transfer my current L1 petition to his company?

    Please reply ASAP.


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  • cr125rider
    04-16 01:56 AM
    It all good man. Just link would be cool, how do I get PS:CS to not antialias it when I amke it bigger?

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  • rbalaji5
    03-06 01:56 PM
    check your passport validity and then cross the border if you are near to Mexico and return back on the same day. I did once without any issue. This is quickest and safest way to extend your I94. If you apply for i94 extension it will take another 4 to 5 months.

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  • brahmam
    05-15 02:11 AM
    If your I-140 gets approved when you are already in the sixth year, can you still seek the 3 year extension?

    01-29 08:42 PM
    I'll give you a honest answer. Consult an attorney and find a fool proof step, if there is one. Although, I'm inclined to say, stay F1 and bring her as F4. You need much more than that.

    It is a big step in life, Congratulations! Whatever you do, immigration is the last thing that must be on your mind on the best day of life!

    05-19 07:39 PM
    No word from attorney, does any one have any concrete answer from previous experience or first hand knowledge?


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