Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • shana04
    02-28 01:11 PM
    Now working on H1b, 8th year
    PD: Oct 2005
    I 140: approved
    I 485: pending
    AP, EAD: approved

    I want to change job to another employer.Can the new employer file an H1b for me based on my approved I 140. I prefer to be on H1b as traveling is easier and don't have to wait for the EAD, AP each year and the uncertainities invloved.

    I would appreciate replies.

    Yes, new employer can file H1B transfer, but I donno the rule for 8th year ext.
    For AC21 you can always use H1B transfer or EAD.

    Good luck.

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  • skakodker
    02-14 07:01 PM
    Thank you.

    Based on your response, my understanding is that so long as I am with my current employer, travel on H1 /H4 is fine. When she gets back, I can consider using my EAD to switch jobs.

    You mentioned "if you or your wife don't want to use EAD in the near future..." - to your knowledge, will there be a problem if I use my EAD during her trip to India?

    Thanks - Sunil

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  • rbharol
    09-07 09:57 PM
    There is a program on Immigration policy on CSPAN2 tonight at 12:40 Eastern

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  • sunofeast_gc
    11-17 12:48 PM
    BTW, the easiest way to get back to H4 status is by reentering the country using H4 visa. For which, you will have to maintain H1 status, if you want her to have H4 status in the future.

    I think she/he can change status from EAD to H4 without reentering the country...There is something like change of status ....I am not sure about it...Experts can comments further...


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  • jamesingham
    02-04 11:41 AM
    I am currently on H1 Visa in the US. Am I allowed to go to school part-time and get my MBA degree ?

    And also, I am looking at a big amount of money that I gotta pay for tuition, does anyone know any tax credits that we can use to reduce the burden ?

    Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

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  • illusions
    04-07 11:19 AM
    485 is your application, your emp does not have to pay; although if they do it would be nice :)


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  • Kumar Nanada
    05-07 02:30 PM
    My Case Details:

    I currently have an H1 and have applied for 485(in July 2007, EB3 India, priority date April 2004, I-140 Approved, EAD approved). My wife also applied 485 (as beneficiary dependent) along with me and is currently working on EAD. Unfortunately my daughter was not in the country in July 2007 and due to unavoidable reasons she was not able to apply for 485 then. She came to US on H4 dependent visa and is currently studying in public school.

    My H1B visa and my daughters H4 visa expires in Sept, 2010. I want to use my EAD in case if my H1B extension is not approved in Sept, 2010 and am trying to find out if there were other legal ways for me to have my daughter documented in US.

    One of the option I was considering is try to get a F1 Student visa for her. My Daughter is in 10th grade currently (15 years old).

    Please advice:

    - What would be the best independent status for my daughter ?

    - if My daughter converts to a student visa (F1), and some time later EB3 category becomes current for my priority date, then can 485 be applied for my daughter while she is in F1 status ? IN other words are there any issues of her being in non-immigrant intent F1 visa and me applying for 485 for her as my dependent ?

    - Is there any limit on the number of years a person can be on F1 Visa in US ? She is currently in 10th grade and might join 11th Grade in F1 visa.

    - Does she need to go out of US to change her status from H4 to F1 ?

    - In case if required can I convert my EAD status back to H1B ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kumar N

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  • kaisersose
    08-22 06:09 PM
    Your current employer can revoke your 140 which will send your 485 straight to the trash can.


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  • bombaysardar
    07-09 08:16 PM
    I heard from some source that non citizens cannot donate blood... if this is not true then count me in ....

    Citizenship is a non-issue. If I correctly, the only bar on blood donations arise from recent overseas travel (2 years or 4 years?) to one of the 'high-risk' malaria areas in the world.

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  • rkp27
    09-21 01:59 PM
    yes i had receipt number for 140 but employer was not giving me 140 approval notice and labor certificate approval copy.


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  • trump_gc
    07-21 06:35 AM
    I just did that, from Sr sw engr to sr sales conslt. Corporation would not care for details of AC21 , however if and when u send in AC21 letter to USCIS, make sure your job duties match that of ur previous job. rest shd be all cool. The new job u r getting into, is it a big firm and small?

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  • jonty_11
    07-28 03:48 PM
    it is simple...have patience and wait for the card..OR the letter !


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  • User00
    09-18 11:57 AM
    NDTV Link (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story.aspx?id=NEWEN20070025734&ch=9/11/2007%205:05:00%20PM)

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  • sathish_gopalan
    09-04 04:08 PM
    My EAD renewal has not been approved and it has been 100 days. I checked with local immigration officer and they dont know as why it is still not processed. USCIS customer service representative says it is within the processing time in Nebraska service center. I efiled EAD and got the biometrics done in June. I am on EAD & can i continue to work if the EAD renewal does not come through befire the current EAD expires ?. Will it affect I485 ?


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  • wanna_immigrate
    04-07 03:21 PM
    I noticed The thread that I posted yday got deleted. I smell something fishy here

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  • ho_gaya_kaya_?
    11-20 08:41 PM
    Another rule of thumb is that if you do not know whether your date is current or not- then you are probably not current :)


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  • Aristotle08
    06-01 03:58 PM
    It is very possible that my question might have already been answered in the past but after searching through many forums, I could not find a direct answer.

    Here�s my situation:
    Category: EB2
    PERM approved.
    I 140 approved.
    PD � Dec 2007.
    H1-B status: 6 yrs expiring Sep 10. Filed for 3 yr extension.

    I have an excellent chance of a promotion to a managerial level position. I am seriously considering abandoning my current GC process, accept the managerial position and reapplying for a new H1-B and GC.

    1. Will I need a new H1-B? If so, for how many years will I get it?
    2. When I apply for a new PERM, will PD of Dec 2007 still be valid?


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  • nashorn
    08-09 03:00 PM
    It looks to me that only those who had their case filed by atternoy are getting receipts and cash encashed. Tell me I'm wrong or right by posting your case status.

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  • saimrathi
    07-03 02:39 PM
    Just read that if you have sent one check for 1-140 & 485 then the whole package will be returned and you would have to refile your I140. If you have sent separate checks then they will just return the I485 part of your package.

    Source: Either Fragromen or Murthy. Check their websites.

    Sent in two checks.

    03-27 12:56 PM
    Just a heads up about the new filing requirements for I-129s and I-140s. See link. In a nutshell all I-129s go to Vermont Service Center and all I-140s go to the Nebraska Service Center.


    10-07 11:59 AM
    Thanks for your reply.

    Is there any way that i can start working immeadiatly after getting the approval (May 2010), like Premium processing or COS immeadiatly ?

    ravise is absolutely right, u will get H1 for the period remaining (6 years minus time spent on L1). Also, if u file in next year's quota (filing starts in Apr 2010), it cannot have a start date earlier than Oct 1, 2010. I don't think u can start working on H1 before that date, even if u file premium.

    Why don't u ask you company to file in current year's quota -- there are still visas available.

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