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  • freddyCR
    January 11th, 2005, 02:21 PM
    What do you think?

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  • Administrator2
    07-15 11:50 PM
    Could you please pm us the IP address of your machine. It will help us to diagnose the problem and/or let you know the reason. Its possible that your work environment is using NATing. So all machines from within that network will propagate the same external IP address. If you could send us your IP address at work, we will be able to diagnose the problem.

    Thanks for your patience.

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  • mojo123
    10-26 01:49 PM
    any update ??

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  • nixstor
    03-02 07:26 PM
    Looks like already two dick less Basterds visited this (who left -ve rep for me)

    Our intention at IV is not to control any one's speech.

    Dont you have any thing else better to do other than instigating another group of people?

    Is this what the great state of AP and Telugu culture taught you?

    As a fellow Andhrite, I feel ashamed with your choice of words.


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  • comicGeek
    10-13 07:04 PM
    That's the job that I'm very much looking for!

    I not really a master webmaster but I did some jobs in the recent past and they were satisfied. :)

    I think it is great to have a product intro to your project. since it's dogs it should feature dogs. dogs look great over a white background I think with some text or paragraph on the left. If you will used flash add some dog sounds of different breeds.

    That's about all I could think of. Hope it helps!


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  • sk2009
    03-07 10:21 PM

    my kids received finger print notice in 1st week of feb 2008 where as my self and my husband got it in Oct 2007

    and we were told by my attorney FP is not required for kids below 14 0r so

    we didnot try to call USCIS


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  • dilbert_cal
    07-05 08:42 PM
    Can you please post your question on this thread

    ---- Please continue any discussion on this topic in the thread whose link is provide above. OP - please delete this thread or ask the mods to do the delete. Hope you understand that extra threads arent good.

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  • danu
    11-12 02:45 PM
    Dear Memebrs,

    I recently changed my status from L1A to H1 this year and I applied for L2 to H4 for my wife also.They asked for evidence of document for my case and by default my wife case also changed to asked for evidence. But they had sent letter only to me asking to submit the document.So I thought that when i sent the document for my case, they will change the status of her. I submitted my document and i got my H1 approved. But her status is still asking for evidence. I contacted USCIS and they said they will send the letter for her. But its been more than 4 months, i didn't get any response. When I contacted one attorney they said, since I have applied for H4 status myself, they couldn't do anything.
    I asked whether I can refile, they said no, because if I refile now, her status is already out of status. They didn't tell me a clear answer what to do next.

    I sent a detailed letter to USCIS texas with all the details.But no response. What is the other alternative options in this case.

    If my wife go back to india, and apply for H4 stamping, does it get rejected, because her status indicates, asked for evidence?

    Looking for your valuable answers.


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  • desijackass
    03-08 09:37 AM
    I posted this on my facebook. Just to spread the message. I think most people think immigrants steal their jobs, but the truth is sometimes we struggle to hire a local person and then a foreigner walks in with the skills we need, but we can't hire him. (this is not to say we have not had good quality local people for the job as well)

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  • kgaurav77
    04-05 02:51 AM

    My employer applied for my PERM and i-140 in 2005 in the EB-2 category. Both were approved.

    In 2007, I left my employer to pursue an MBA, and converted my H-1B to F-1 visa. Now I am planning to return to my old employer.

    I would like to know whether

    a) if my employer did not revoke my i-140, is my old PERM still vaild? Can I apply for a new I-140 and a new I-485 using my old approved PERM.

    b) if my employer did revoke my i-140, is my old PERM still vaid? I know I can retain the priority date, but was wondering what is the status of my old PERM?

    Any help is appreciated.

    I know that PERM is valid only for 180 days, and an i-140 has to be filed within that time, which was done in my case. However, does the law say anything about PERM validity if the i-140 is revoked?


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  • pakkus
    03-04 09:18 PM
    I came to the US on F1 for MS and then trasferred to another college to pursue my PhD. During this time my F1 visa expired, but I am maintaining my legal status as my I-20 is valid. I got married last year and my wife who originally came on F1, is now on H1.
    I am going to planning to go to India in end of April and need to renew my F1 visa. What are the chances of my renewal getting refused, due to my wife's H1 (dual intention) status? What documents if any, can I show in order to prove that I have intentions to come back to the US?
    I need to get a visa interview date soon, so please reply as soon as is convenient.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • goel_ar
    03-31 03:46 PM
    I recently applied for a PAN Card. Got a DD through my parents in India and sent the form. Today they sent a mail with following --

    1) We are yet to receive payment for application.- Kindly e-mail Cheque /DD no. and date on which amount has been debited from your account

    2) Photograph provided is not proper for scanning.

    Have any one faced similar problem ? A valid DD was included and they say they did not receive the payment ?? Also, the photo was of right size and clear enough so I am not sure what else to do.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated
    check with your bank whether they cashed the DD. tell them DD is lost - they might cancel old one & issue new one.

    Photograph - no idea. call them & find out.


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  • B+ve
    08-13 04:08 PM
    My and spouse case have
    Priority Date - March 2004,
    Received Date - July 2nd, 2007
    Notice Date - Aug. 08, 2007

    My Kid's case has
    Priority Date - March 2004,
    Received Date - July 2nd, 2007
    Notice Date - Nov. 20, 2007 (As 08/23/2007 is the current processing time frame, my kid's Notice Date is out of current time frame)

    This is happened due to a rejection of my kid's 485 application initially during July 2007 fiasco due to the Old and New fee schedule implementaion of USCIS, even though we have remitted the correct fee.

    1) Do anybody know how USCIS will process our case?
    Like adjudicating my and spouse applications with out kid's applicaiton? Or none of the applications process?

    2) Taking an info pass appointment will do any favour on this case?

    3) Any other suggestions?


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  • rkp27
    09-21 01:59 PM
    yes i had receipt number for 140 but employer was not giving me 140 approval notice and labor certificate approval copy.


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    12-14 02:56 PM
    Even though your end client is not the direct client for your employer, they might have used the laguage in the non-compete which reflects the scenario. So check your non-compete document.

    May be the final verdict is in favour, you need to take so much of pain in the whole processes. If you prepare for these upfront you can go a head and fight. I had seen couple of instances in the NY, with my friends, where non-compete became VOID.

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  • Munna Bhai
    10-15 03:52 PM

    I am on H1B, got my EAD and registered a LLC.
    Do I need to send I-9 when I switch working for my own registered LLC?

    Thanks in advance!

    Current Contribution: $100

    Do know that once you switch to EAD, you are no longer in H1b. I-9 is just a form and if Home-land guys ask then you need to show them and no need to send that form to USCIS.

    Could you please let me know how to register a LLC, I am in MA.



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  • eilsoe
    09-18 08:24 PM
    I don't know what u mean.. explain... :)

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  • sledge_hammer
    06-25 12:14 PM
    The date you sign the form has nothing to do with the date USCIS receives your application packet.

    if we sign 28th june , it will be considered 1st july filing ?

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  • nixstor
    02-09 06:51 PM
    You cannot claim a cousin on F1 status to be your dependent.

    The most important point is F1 students have to file their own 1040NR and are Non resident aliens for tax purposes and cannot be dependents on Resident alients.

    More over You cannot claim the tuition deduction for her because

    (1) she showed proof of financial ability when joined the school.

    (2) AFAIK, Tuition deduction can be made only for people either you/your spouse or your dependents

    I know this because I paid tuition for my own sister and I was told that I cannot claim her as a dependent. Some CPA might say the contrary, but if you want the exact info call the IRS 800 829 1040

    05-05 04:49 PM
    Your 9 month initial stay will not be counted as you stayed 1 year out of usa.

    So total L1 period is 13 months so far. and Total of l1+h1 is 6 years. so you can have 4 years + 9 months on H1 and your initial H1 will be for 3 years

    04-29 01:27 PM
    Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

    How do I delete the other threrad?.


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